About Jean Oursler

The Results Queen

Jean Oursler is one of the country’s top business consultants, a top-rated speaker, and world-class executive coach. She achieves the highest results for each and every client each and every time.  Jean works with businesses, like yours, every day to help grow their business and make more money. She understands what it takes because she is an entrepreneur and a business owner herself. The work she has done with companies of all sizes, in all types of industries, has produced mind-blowing results.

Jean says, “As long as you follow our methods, I would expect you to see results in 30 days or less and triple your investment.”

Alan Weiss, the Rock Star of Business Consulting says, “Jean Oursler is the speed demon because she is all about getting unprecedented results at unprecedented speed that creates and maintains market dominance for her clients.”

Jean will be releasing her book, “Unlocking Your Millions . . . The Secrets to Extraordinary Business Growth” later this year.  If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, salesperson, or an executive who wants to break through the barriers to achieving your next level of success, then click here now to get started.

What others say about us

Harris Wollin

“Thank you Jean Oursler for including me as a co-author in the RESULTS! Anthology Book project.  You made the process very easy and I am so excited to be a Best Selling author, especially as this was my first published work.  I am delighted to share my story of Intellectual Property with Entrepreneurs all over the world.   This book gave me a chance to help others, while creating the buzz I needed  to share my message with people I would have never met if it wasn’t for this opportunity.  I would recommend that if you want to be an author, you should!”

Harris WollinAuthor in RESULTS!
Gloria Cirulli

“I can’t speak highly enough about Jean and her team of professionals that have provided weekly authors workshop calls to help you through the process of writing your chapter…as well as weekly promotion calls leading up to the release date of the book.  After the initial printing…Jean offers each author the opportunity to have YOUR books printed with YOUR name on the front cover.  This is a fantastic “extra” that is usually not done when being part of an anthology book.  The whole experience has been simple, enjoyable and a great value!  I highly recommend being part of the next book.”

Gloria CirulliBreakthrough Results Author