Become an On-Air Personality and Win and International Audience and be seen by 11.5 million households!

The Results TV Network features programming hosted by those who have achieved Breakthrough, Remarkable, Outstanding Results in life, business, marketing and professional services. These successful men and women share their talents and insights with up to 11.5 million households across the world. Our television station broadcasts within a network of cable stations throughout the United States and via Roku, Comcast, AppleTV internationally.

When you host your television show on The Results TV Network, we put you front and center using digital streaming television globally!  That’s an immediate audience, and that’s immediate revenue for you through new business or sponsorships/commercials.


That’s just the beginning. You have the opportunity to turn your message, your expertise into a weekly or monthly TV Show which will connect with audiences to build relationships and increase your exposure. You will be able to interact with new and existing clients or customers who can engage with links to your programs and services. More exposure = more engagement = more Results!

Unlike most Video-On-Demand TV stations, we offer Live Stream, Live Chat, Live Private Presentation (i.e. WebEx) in addition to Video-On-Demand programming on Roku!

When you join The Results TV Network as a host, you keep 100% of your sponsorship dollars.  The investment to host your show is small compared to the potential you can realize in advertising and sponsorship dollars, not to mention increased business. The Results TV Network also includes advertising and promotion throughout our network at no cost to you.

Extraordinary Results For You!

Expand your market reach
Engage your audience
Elevate your professional profile
Enjoy success and Increase Credibility


Here are the exciting opportunities available to you to grow your business and GET RESULTS!

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity offers a dedicated date and time slot to host your interview-style show. As a host you have the ability to pre-tape the interview, or you can conduct the interview LIVE through our live streaming service. Either way our producers and directors are equipped to handle your video and interviewing needs. Simply select the day and time for your show and begin scheduling your guests!

Get Results TV is already live on Women’s Broadcast Television Network, Amazon, Google Play, ROKU and more.  We can put you in front of 11.5 million households for a minimal investment.  When you partner with Get Results TV, you will see a return and you will get RESULTS!

There are couple of ways to partner with Get Results TV, see below:



  • All the above plus:
  • Weekly or monthly show ((You select the dedicated day and time)
  • Custom branded channel and unique URL
  • Highlight and sell products
  • Training
  • Access to reports and statistics
  • Dedicated advertiser/sponsor space
  • Multimedia promotions and integrated social media

One time set up fee for channels across our platform of $997.  Once you are ready for your first show a monthly investment of $197 per monthly show  or $497 per month for weekly show. 

You are allowed unlimited videos, so you can upload past videos just sitting on youtube or vimeo.

REPURPOSE your materials.